File:FLFF 09 poster.pdf 2009 Finger Lakes Film Festival There will be 20 short films shown across the two nights of screenings. - Tues., Nov 3rd - 8 pm - Headless Sullivan Theater (429 Exchange Street) - Thurs., Nov 5th - 8 pm - Cracker Factory (Lehigh and Avenue E). The cost is $3, or $5 for both nights. The award ceremony will be held on Saturday, Nov. 7th, 8:30 pm, at the Red Dove on Castle Street.

2009 Finger Lakes Film Festival schedule of films Tues, Nov 3 – 8 pm – Headless Sullivan Theater (429 Exchange St, Geneva) Memory Ray Miller (experimental; general) A meditation on aging, life, death and love. (3:42) Strong Enough For a Man Erin Scherer (experimental; general) Someone gets their shave on. (3:10) Can You Tell Taryn Gould and Elimy Kowalczyk (music video; general) Music video for "Can You Tell" by Ra Ra Riot from “The Rhumb Line”. Directed by Taryn Gould and Emily Kowalczyk. (2:59) Have Patience Jesse Kenas Collins (experimental; college) A performance documentation illustrating both humor and tension. (3: 14) Meridian Ryan Phillips (narrative fiction; college) An old man gets a second chance to go back in time to save the one he loves. (24:00) [intermission] A Long, Long Time Ago…2008: A Year in Review Danny Hastings (documentary; K-12) Do you remember everything that happened last year? You will now thanks to these 8 minutes of ’08. (8:40) Story of a Bruise Nic Sammond (documentary; general) The film-maker gets doored while riding his bike down the street and documents the slow progression of his bruise down his chest. (2:00) Jessica is Pregnant Gabriela Mrvova (documentary; general) Jessica gets pregnant. In this documentary she explains why and how and what the reactions were of her mom and dad. Also, Jessica’s dad explains his point of view. (18:52) Black Card Lauren Zoltick (narrative fiction; college) A woman with lots of issues meets up with an ex-lover to scam rich kids at a poker game, but ends up turning the tables. (6:00) Act II Missy P Smith and Susannah Newman (experimental; general) Act II depicts the conflicting inner voice with deafening, bombarding outer voices as the character races through the obstacles of her second act of life. Original music by Mark Snyder. (11:20)

Thurs, Nov 5 – 8 pm – Cracker Factory (Lehigh and Avenue E, Geneva) Spray 3 Nic Sammond (documentary; general) Scenes of graffiti from Rochester’s abandoned subway tunnels (5:40) I Don’t Remember (The Downbeat Keys) Lauren Zoltick (music video; college) A music video for the Downbeat Keys that shows the band mates trying to get to their own concert after a night of crazy partying. (5:00) The Game Erik Lars Krahn (narrative fiction; college) A coming of age tale of a boy and his windbreaker and his journey to the big game. (8:00) Seneca Nessy Bradley Muise (documentary; general) This footage was obtained by an anonymous person in Geneva, New York who has been monitoring Seneca lake ever since sighting this unusual creature several months ago. We refer to it as 'Seneca Nessy.' The first scene is looking down on the HWS boat house from Main Street. The second is at the Chamber of Commerce looking at the Ramada. (5:18) The Entomologist Frowns Dan Lane (narrative fiction, general) This film was shot in Ithaca, NY with Central NY talent and a crew made up of Syracuse University graduates. (19:11) [intermission] Strange Events Noah and Markie Pitifer (experimental; K-12) A funny/scary film about a young man home alone on a dark windy night, when he encounters strange events. (11:39) Crows Ray Miller (experimental; general) Crows, crows, crows – like spirits from another place. (4:57) Chess Set Matias Shimada (experimental; college) Visions unfold through the eyes of a lone visitor at a glass museum, who marvels at a religious chess set. (11:59) Scanning David Stalfa (documentary; college) Summer inventory at the Hobart and William Smith College’s library. (16:00) Eating ***** Christopher Westfall (experimental; general) This experimental micro-short cautions the viewer to expect the unexpected. The outrageous romp will leave a lasting impression. (2:14) *viewer discretion advised*

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